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Korean SkinCare WrinkleCare Collagen JONE HANA CREAM

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One tablet is enough! Also called as ‘HANA CREAM’

1. Making the drooping skin to bounce UP!

It is a wrinkle betterment functional cream making skin
harden firmly while caring skin more vital and tighter.

2. Feeling of soft melting and stingy closeness!

It is a cream providing stingy elasticity and rich nutritious
feeling while melting softly and absorbed closely into skin, at
the same time providing elasticity.

3. Efficacy ingredients are contained in a capsule wholly!

HANA CREAM which holds every effective ingredient in
one tablet gives efficacy to skin in its purest and freshest
state at the moment of touching skin.



1. If abnormal things happen as follows in using cosmetics, be sure to stop using and in case of continuous use, symptoms will be worsened, so consult a specialist dermatologist.

  A) There are abnormal conditions such as red spot, swelling, itching, stimuli etc.
  B) There are abnormal conditions at the applied part as above due to direct rays.
2. Do not use at the abnormal parts like wound, eczema and dermatitis etc.

3. Do not keep at the place of high temperature or low temperature and direct rays.
4. If it enters into eyes, then wash it out immediately.
5. Do not use the container putting other content.
6. Do not eat that. If you eat that, throw it up and if there is abnormal thing, then consult the specialist doctor.








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