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[look AT ME] Jelly Sunscreen Moisturizer Oil Free SPF50PA+++

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look AT ME Jelly Sunscreen is absolutely differentiated from other normal sunscreens. Not sticky but outstanding sun protection function!


  · Water Holding System: It moisturizes your skin first and protects the moist of your skin. Oil and moist of your skin is to balanced perfectly.


  · Outstanding Sun Protection: It creates a protective layer on your skin and it functions as a sun protection.


  · No Stickiness: It is not sticky at all since it is made of gel type and rather makes your skin smooth. Recommended for men and oily skin type.


  · For Sensitive Skin: Its main ingredients are natural ingredients so that it is suitable for acne, pimple skins.




How To Use


1. After basic skin care, apply a good amount to areas that need intense care, such as the face, the neck and then make it absorbed into the skin by tapping it lightly.


2. Applying 30 minutes before going out is recommended. Apply additionally in case of being exposed to sun for long hours.




Before & After







1) If abnormal things happen as follows in using cosmetics, be sure to stop using and in case of continuous use, symptoms will be worsened, so consult a specialist dermatologist.
   A) There are abnormal conditions such as red spot, swelling, itching, stimuli etc.
   B) There are abnormal conditions at the applied part as above due to direct rays.
2) Do not use at the abnormal parts like wound, eczema and dermatitis etc.
3) Caution in storage and handling.
   A) After use, be sure to close the lid.
   B) Keep that out of infants’ or children’s reach.
   C) Do not keep at the place of high temperature or low temperature and direct rays.
4) If it enters into eyes, then wash it out immediately.
5) Do not use the container putting other content.
6) This product is cosmetic, so do not eat that. If you eat that, throw it up and if there is abnormal thing, then consult the specialist doctor.
7) If the content is touched with clothing, it would not be erased so be sure not the content is not touch with clothing.